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Do you remember my old Minneapolis jazz-funk band, P.B. & The Jam? THEY LIVE STILL! (Online) You can stream our music for FREE on SPOTIFY!

After many years of writing, performing, collaborating & planning, I am finally releasing my FIRST non-exclusively electronically released        SOLO ALBUM! It's been a LONG time, but the first peek of "Dream Descriptions & Confidence Boosters" is HERE!...

After a few years of hiatus, I am excited to be available for LESSONS both in person & online!

"The artist's creation process so often comes from a place of lasting life experiences, or what we perceive & retain. You know, like, a really bad break up, or something someone said to you that had a staggering effect, or you felt a brain tremor after a profound passage in a book you read. But, in doing so, we forget to take into account the nature of creation. It has a natural way of occurring without this process. A song, a beautiful piece of art, isn't just created from a sparked neurological pathway, or an intellectual place. That piece of art was going to come to be, regardless of you, that energy was destined to be placed into this world, but you were rightfully, purposefully chosen as the conduit by which to bring it to fruition. Sometimes, it will be shown to you, through vision or serendipity, completely finished. Sometimes, you have to translate it..."


​- Christopher Hunnicutt -


Tour Dates 

September 2019

To Be Announced!****

October 2019

To Be Announced!****

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If you like what you see, click the link below for the YouTube page, or find some more videos right here...

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